The World Of Motorex

MOTOREX were celebrating in June 2017 its 100-year anniversary. The worldwide known oil specialists from Bucher AG Langenthal offer themselves for this big anniversary a new corporate video. CORPMEDIA, specialists in visual storytelling, conceived and produced the movie to which I wrote the music.
"The movie shows the passion of MOTOREX' clients: The motocross racer, the farmer, the mountain railway mechanic, the watch specialist - the film shows the emotions which MOTOREX evokes as a loyal partner. The movie shows the highest goal of the MOTOREX employees: to lead the clients to their success. That's the key for MOTOREX and the emotional peak of the movie." - CORPMEDIA

Since the corporate movie is a projection from the MOTOREX employees on their clients, the music translates their necessity into emotion: The machines can't live without the oil from MOTOREX. As originating material, I work with everything that reminds the sound of chains - the chains, MOTOREX' products are supposed to oil - and musically translate it into for example col legno string hits or the use of oil barrels as metallic percussion.
MOTOREX Imagemovie 2017
Produced by CORPMEDIA AG
Directed by Janos Menberg

Music mixed by Michael Künstle
Music mastered by Benjamin Gut at Idee und Klang Studio, Basel

Film mixed by Martin Stäheli, Mastasound

© Bucher AG Langenthal

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